[ESC 2018] – Oturum Duyurusu

4 Mart 2018 • Kategori: Haberler/Duyurular

Dear Colleagues,


We are pleased to invite you to submit an abstract to our ESC2018 session;

S06 “Recent Strong Earthquakes in the Aegean Sea and Implications for Regional Tectonics.”:  http://www.escmalta2018.eu/page/Sessions_n


Session Description:


The Aegean Sea is a natural laboratory for studying active tectonics and earthquakes due to the interaction of Eurasia with Nubia plate and the westward motion of Anatolia. All types of faulting are present and deformation of the crust is influenced by deep geodynamic processes. The East and Southeast Aegean Sea is of particular interest as the dominant mode of regional deformation is extension, however active fault kinematics are both normal and strike-slip. This session seeks insights into the source mechanism, aftershock sequence, tectonic setting and geodynamic implications of the recent series of earthquakes in the Aegean: onshore Biga peninsula (Turkey; February 2017; mainshock M5.2) offshore Lesvos (June 2017, Aegean Sea, Greece; M6.3) and offshore Bodrum Kos (July 2017; M6.6). All three mainshocks were well recorded by modern seismic and GNSS networks while the generated surface deformation was imaged by satellite radar missions. In this session we invite papers covering all aspects of these earthquake sequences and their seismotectonic context. Foreseen contributions may include (but not limited to) analyses of seismological data to identify the seismic faults and to refine their geometry and kinematics using inversion techniques, analyses of rupture patterns and source properties of the mainshocks, statistical properties of the aftershock sequences, processing of geodetic data (GNSS, InSAR) to locate the seismic faults and subsequently used in combined inversion studies, offshore campaigns exploring sea-bottom geomorphology and shallow faulting patterns, local tsunami studies, soil-structure interaction studies, studies to retrieve co-seismic vertical land movements from coastal observations etc. We aim for a multi-disciplinary session that will attract workers in all aspects of the seismology and geophysics of the Aegean Anatolia area including users of active fault databases such as the SHARE ESHM13 fault sources database, NOAFaults etc. We also solicit posters from a very broad base such as tectonophysics, geodynamics and marine geology, and especially encourage interdisciplinary contributions.



Athanassios Ganas, NOA, aganas@noa.gr
Musavver Didem Cambaz, KOERI, didem.samut@boun.edu.tr
Ezgi Karasözen ekarasoz@mines.edu
Ioannis Kassaras, kassaras@geol.uoa.gr
Paraskevi Nomikou, evinom@geol.uoa.gr
Philippe Vernant, philippe.vernant@umontpellier.fr
Semih Ergintav, semih.ergintav@boun.edu.tr


We would like to remind you that the 36th General Assembly of the European Seismological Commission will take place in Malta, from 2 till 7 of September, 2018 (http://www.escmalta2018.eu).


Hope to receive your abstract and see you in Malta!


Best Regards,


Athanassios, Didem, Ezgi, Ioannis, Paraskevi, Philippe, Semih.